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Ecs Elitegroup (1. 0) Amd C-60 Apu (1GHZ, Dual-core) Amd A45 Hudson D1 Mini Itx DDR3 1066 Bga 413 Motherboard/cpu Combo HDC-I2/C-60

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1 0 Amd C60 Apu 1GHZ

ECS Elitegroup

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Shopping on-line is easy and convenient, and that's why a lot more people want to order online as opposed to visit the nearby mall. Among the many features is the small mini-itx form factor for a small footprint pc. Additional features consist of low tdp and energy-efficient and cpu and gpu turbo core support. It's 2" Height x 9.5" Length x 7.5" Width. Where to buy the 1. 0 Amd C-60 Apu 1GHZ.


The HDC-I2/C-60 supports AMD the new Brazos platform and is depending on the AMD Hudson D1 A45 chipset combined using the latest dual core processors C-60 with AMD Radeon HD6290, combing processing power and Direct X 11 in one small energy-efficient package with an integrated DDR3 1066/800 memory controller. The HDC-I2/C-60 provides the optimized performance with energy efficiency and a considerably lower cost. With ECS EZ intelligent utilities (e BLU, e DLU, and e SF) which offer a convenient method to control fan speeds and preserve all your drivers and BIOS up-to-date.


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